Parent Partnerships

Teach me and I will forget, Show me and I will learn, Involve me and I will understand, Inspire me and I will Conquer

Working in partnership with you

We work with parents to ensure each individual child has the most effective learning experience. Sharing information with you gives peace of mind knowing that whilst apart, your child is safe, happy and receiving a solid foundation for their education. 

As parents you are your child’s first teacher and the success of our curriculum is dependent on a close relationship between us, as teachers and you as parents. We are proud to have strong positive links with children and families. 

Knowing Your Child

Our staff here love using Blossom as it reduces paper work so they can spend more time with children.
By creating higher quality observations and linking them to the EYFS framework we track and monitor children’s progress enabling a greater understanding of your child’s learning and development.
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Monitoring progress

It is important to monitor the growth and development of your child on an on-going basis
It is important to monitor the growth and development of your child on an on-going basis. Observations form an important part of your child’s portfolio and are recorded for each child by their key teacher.
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Staying connected

Through Blossom, we share diary timelines of your child’s activities at nursery so that you can cherish those golden moments.

All our parents are given many opportunities to attend coffee mornings, social events and various workshops such as language and behaviour management, giving you the guidance to help you to support your child in the best possible way.


Security is of key concern to us and Blossom takes its security measures very seriously. We work together with Blossom to ensure complete safeguarding. Your data is stored and backed up frequently on cloud-based secured servers so it can never be lost.

All passwords are encrypted so only you as parents and us as your child’s nursery have access to it. Blossom gives us control for safeguarding children within our nursery through allowing access to the platform on authorised devices only.